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Bariatric Surgery, also known as Weight Loss Surgery, it refers to a wide range of procedures. That induces weight loss by limiting the amount of food your stomach can hold. However, at IBI Healthcare, we provide the safest and most advanced bariatric weight loss surgery options. To reduce weight and achieve your ideal body.

Moreover, we specialize in addressing various concerns such as Weight Regain, Scarless Surgery, Endoscopic Procedures, Advanced Laparoscopy, and Robotics Treatment. Nonetheless, our expert surgeon will discuss your goals. Additionally, address any concerns you may have, and craft a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs.

Furthermore, patient well-being is our priority, and providing fast-track service with attention to detail is our commitment. Nevertheless, we believe, your health is worth investing in. At the same time, take advantage of limited-time promotional price discounts on weight loss bariatric surgical procedures.

Types of Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery


The Laparoscopic Sleeve removes the stomach’s outer margin. Additionally to restrict food intake, killing hunger pangs with just a few calories.


With an Endoscopic Sleeve, the doctor places sutures within the stomach. Eventually, seal off parts of the stomach, reducing its food intake capacity.


With a Gastric Bypass, the surgeon shortens the stomach’s holding capacity into a small pouch. To bypass much of the small intestine.


Surgeons place the Gastric Band, a silicone band, around a portion of the stomach to decrease its size. Besides this, reducing food intake by killing your hunger pangs.


Surgeons place the Orbera Gastric Balloon, a soft silicone balloon, inside the stomach for six months. Consequently, reducing food intake by tricking you into satiety.


Approximately 50% of the patients regain some of the lost weight within two years of the bariatric surgery. Revision Bariatric Surgeries help lose that weight again.


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Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery and BMI Levels

While weight loss surgery is a medical procedure. Only suitable for individuals with a higher weight with serious medical problems linked to obesity. For instance type-2 diabetes and heart disease, and who cannot reduce weight simply through lifestyle changes.

Whereas, obesity means having excess body fat. Leading to significant health problems like Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Osteoarthritis, Gallbladder, and Type-2 Diabetes. However, this results in mental health problems and a generally lower quality of life.

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Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Patient’s Transformation

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Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Costs

Subsequently, bariatric weight loss surgery’s cost depends on several factors, including the surgery clinic’s location and the chosen procedure. Though, the cost of weight loss surgery in Atlanta usually ranges from $15 – $50,000, with an average cost of $20,000.

Though, the procedure essentially pays for itself in the long run. Because comorbid conditions associated with obesity lead to medical expenses exceeding $10,000 per year. Compared to that, the average medical cost of patients who have undergone weight loss surgery is around $2,000 per year.

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Options

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Insurance Coverage

By contrast, insurance providers are usually hesitant about paying for bariatric surgery because of the large upfront cost. However, you can increase your chance of getting insurance coverage. If you can produce 6 to 12 months of documented diet history and consultations with nutritionists and psychiatrists. 

Essentially, specific insurance plans may cover the procedure if they deem it medically necessary. Above all, IBI considers all your financing options and insurance coverage to help you access the treatment.

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Angelina Postoev
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Ahad Khan

Hi, I’m Dr. Ahad Khan. a licensed Bariatric Surgeon with 23 years of experience. Above all, I specialized in minimally invasive weight-loss surgery like Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass. Nonetheless, I’ve had the privilege of helping numerous individuals. At the same time, I’m looking forward to guiding you to achieve weight loss goals.

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Jenny Huang

Hey, I’m Dr. Jenny Huang. With 20 years of experience as a Board-Certified Surgeon. Moreover, I specialized in Advanced Bariatric, Minimally Invasive, and Robotic Surgery. Additionally, my extensive experience equips me with the skills. To guide you through each step of your surgical and non-surgical weight loss transformation.

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A. Christopher Ibikunle

Hello, I’m Dr. A. Christopher Ibikunle. With 28 years of experience, I specialized in Advanced Robotic Techniques and Endoscopic Procedures. In the meantime, ensure that you experience less downtime, reduced pain, and a faster recovery. Despite that, I want to assure you that you’re in capable hands.

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