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What is a low-dose CT Scan?

A CT scan or computed tomography scan is a noninvasive test used for medical purposes that uses a combination of specialized X-ray equipment that works with a computer to display images of the inside of the body. A low-dose CT scan works the same way but the newer technology performs the same task without the use of as much radiation exposure.

CT Scan


A computer tomography (CT) scanning is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses a combination of X-rays and computer processing to visualise internal body parts.

At the IBI diagnostic centers, medical imaging is performed with state-of-the-art low-radiation CT scanners from the leading manufacturer of diagnostic equipment General Electric Healthcare GE.

What is CT Scan used for?

CT scans are used to diagnose injuries after an accident or to investigate issues with the lungs or chest, tumors, ovarian cysts, etc.

A low-dose CT scan is a helpful diagnostic tool to find the root cause of unexplained or chronic pain. A CT scan can check for blood vessel issues and blockages that can cause serious and even life-threatening events. You might consider a CT scan for early detection of lung cancer, colon cancer, headaches, chest pain, abdominal or pelvic pain, chronic hip pain, and more.

A low-dose CT Scan can visualize













Adrenal Glands

Blood Vessels


Spinal Cord

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Low-dose CT Scan prices at IBI

$400 with contrast (-20%)
$350 without contrast (-20%)
$400 with contrast (-20%)
$350 without contrast (-20%)
$400 with contrast (-20%)
$350 without contrast (-20%)
$400 with contrast (-20%)
$350 without contrast (-20%)
$400 with contrast (-20%)
$350 without contrast (-20%)
$400 with contrast (-20%)
$350 without contrast (-20%)
$400 with contrast (-20%)
$350 without contrast (-20%)

How is low-dose CT Scan performed?

CT scanner uses the motorized x-ray source that shoots narrow beams of X-rays as it rotates around the patient. There are special digital X-ray detectors located directly opposite the x-ray source. As the X-ray passes through the patient, they are picked up the detectors and are transmitted to a computer.

Image slices can either be displayed individually in two-dimensional form or stack together to generate a three-dimensional image that can reveal abnormal structures for help the physician plan and monitor treatments.

Why choose IBI HealthCare Institute?

IBI Healthcare Institute is a premier outpatient surgery center equipped with the cutting-edge technologies necessary to ensure optimal results. During your consultation, our certified experts will discuss your medical history, run diagnostic tests, and learn about your health goals. Based on the collected data, they will recommend the procedure that fits your individual needs and goals. We curate the entire treatment plan, and we stay with you through every step of the procedure and beyond, ensuring optimal results, recovery, and support after the procedure.

CT Scan
CT Scan
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