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What is TORe gastric bypass revision?

The transoral outlet reduction (TORe) procedure is a non-surgical procedure that is performed to revise a previously performed gastric bypass to help patients who are experiencing weight regain.

The TORe procedure



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Why does weight regain happen after bypass surgery?

Statistics show that about half of the patients who undergo bariatric surgery gain back some of the weight they have lost within the first two years. There are many reasons that this may happen and not all of them are within the control of the patient.

TORe gastric bypass revision

What to expect from TORe gastric bypass revision?

TORe is done using an endoscope so there are no incisions or a hospital stay involved. The endoscope, which is a thin flexible tube that is inserted down the throat, is used to access the gastric outlet which is the opening between the gastric pouch (the new smaller stomach) and the small intestine.

Using the Apollo Revise System™ (the first and only FDA-approved endoscopic suturing system), the surgeon places a series of small sutures to close the gastric outlet and make it a bit smaller. This will cause the patient to feel full faster and help them lose weight.

The transoral outlet reduction procedure is done as an outpatient procedure and does not require any time in the hospital. The recovery time is normally just a few days.

How much does gastric bypass revision cost?

The current promotional price is $6,299. It’s a limited-time offer and can be changed without prior notice. At IBI Healthcare Institute, we provide all-inclusive, transparent pricing that includes the ability, expertise, and understanding of the surgeon doing the treatment, with no hidden fees.

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